If your button copy still says “submit,” it’s time to do some editing

Button copy is one of the easiest types of copy to overlook. Yet, it’s arguably the most important piece of the puzzle when you’re writing for conversions.

And who isn’t?

The whole purpose of the button copy is to get the click.

The sale. The conversion. The point of conversion.

Without the Sleaze

When writing your sales page, it’s gotta be all about the client.

And when you change your mindset about how to write about your products or services and flip it to 100% client-centered, you’ll naturally cut the sleaze and become more credible (and bookable).

What’s more, leaving most of the rapport building to the Introduction Section of your copy will cut down…

Should we be concerned about how coronavirus may affect asthmatic?

As a lifelong asthma sufferer, I immediately grew concerned about how the coronavirus might affect my asthma.

Asthmatics contend with the flu, seasonal allergies, and other triggers daily. In fact, our bodies require us to be careful, and tactical about our health…moreso than most.

It’s no secret to a severe…

Amanda Pie

Copywriter for healers, coaches, and course creators. copybyamandapie.com

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