How to Apply for Jobs When You’re Depressed Out of Your Mind

9 Tips That Will Help You Move Forward During Job Loss and Depression

Amanda Pieper
7 min readSep 5, 2019


It can feel impossible to force yourself to apply for jobs when you’re already depressed. Let’s face it; the job search is full of self-esteem roadblocks that can make anyone feel like a loser.

First, no, you aren’t a loser, and instead of getting down on yourself every time a rejection letter comes, I want you to retrain your brain to look at your situation differently.

It may seem much easier to fall into despair, thinking you may never get a job, but instead, consider the fact that you have a world of opportunities ahead of you. Your lack of a job…at this moment…is a fresh start.

If you’ve lost your job suddenly, you may feel as though you have completely lost your identity, especially if you loved your job.

It can feel even more personal when you’ve dedicated a lot of time to your past employer, but for whatever reason, you have been forced to start a new chapter in your life.

As difficult as changes can be, you have to light that fire in your belly that you had when you first went out and got the gig you previously had, and have faith that something better is coming your way — and you are ready to meet the new you.

Here’s a couple of tips to come back to when you feel hopeless and discouraged throughout your job search:

1. You’re Allowed to Take A QUICK Vacay

Do it. Take a breather. If you’ve just lost your job — take a second to breathe.

I don’t have the science behind this, but I’m permitting you to take a day, week, or more if you have the finances, away from your career and job search.

In fact, even if you’ve been searching for a new job every day and you are feeling hopeless, take a breather right now.

As I’m writing this, there are currently 7.3 million jobs available in the US, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics.



Amanda Pieper