If You’re Trying to Escape a Toxic Job Learn to Teach ESL

That’s How I Found My Freedom (and some side cash)

I could finally become a freelance writer because I learned how to teach ESL online

I Wasn’t A Teacher (But Soon Learned I Was, At Heart)

Online ESL companies are sprouting up all over the world. And the more popular ones reside in China.

The Pay Was Enough to Get Me Through

The pay isn’t going to make you rich, but once you’re in a good routine with your new ESL company, you can make an honest wage from $16 to $25 an hour in most cases.

Teaching ESL Allowed Me to Become A Freelance Writer

I taught early mornings (because most companies are halfway across the world and in a completely different time zone from me) and wrote for clients in the afternoon.

And I Still Teach Online ESL

Now that I have a full-time freelance writing business, I don’t teach as much as I used to.



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