The Millennial is the New Workforce, Get Used to It

Amanda Pieper
5 min readSep 25, 2018

It’s time for employers to rethink their hiring process and what they consider to be an ideal candidate.

Throughout the entire phone interview, I physically cringed at myself— over and over. I heard a voice in my head scolding me,

“You are so unprofessional!”

I can’t help it, you see. If I’m not able to be myself during interviews, I end up with panic attacks, and most likely without a job. Regardless, I know that a potential employer expects that the ideal candidate will act a certain way.

I remember, after graduating from college, I’d spend hours memorizing the “right” things to say in an interview. I would anticipate all of the interviewer’s questions by researching the internet for interview preparation advice.

My mom would help me practice, and of course, I practiced in front of mirrors.

Enter montage scene of a well-dressed woman talking into a brush, flipping her hair in front of a mirror, while testing different vocal tones and facial expressions.

I would work myself up so much that, from time to time, I never even made it to the interview. It was just too difficult to act; I was never one for the theater. I had been told for many years what to “expect” during an interview, and I was afraid of letting my true self seep through the interview facade I had created.

Most entering the workforce, or those who have been struggling to enter it during the past 20 years, know that an interviewer has specific expectations. Furthermore, we know a resume better not have any blemishes (even though this term is subjective, we all know what they are — employment gaps for example).

Applying for jobs is extremely painful.

If I hear my dad say, “Boy when I was young, I just walked up to a sign in the window, told the boss I wanted the job, and the sign was gone when I left” one more time, I am going to scream.

Nowadays, the expectations of potential employers are outrageously time-consuming and, at times, belittling. To be fair, I guess it…